Freeloading Stowaway Hops A Ride On A Miami-Dade Bus

Thanks to our friends at OnlyInDade, here's a priceless video of a Miami-Dade bus stowaway.

Drive 305: Parking & Signaling in Miami

MIAMI PARKING Parking in Miami used to be easy...back in the 90s.  Continuous non-stop development and population increases make parking in Miami a major mission.   MIAMI SIGNALING Signaling.  No.  Not when you use your middle finger. ...

CARtoons: Buy it today and we’ll pay your first three speeding tickets.

With dealers hurting and scrambling to get inventory, innovation is key. We're not seeing much in the form of discounts due to the limited inventory, but lots of low interest rates and added value...
Spoiler Alert CARtoon by artist Dan Brown

Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert! I know we're not the only ones who drive through Miami or Hialeah and see a car with a MASSIVE spoiler.  We're talking about cars that have a ridiculously oversized spoiler on a...

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