Drive 305: Parking & Signaling in Miami



Parking in Miami used to be easy…back in the 90s.  Continuous non-stop development and population increases make parking in Miami a major mission.  


Signaling.  No.  Not when you use your middle finger.  We’re talking about the device in your vehicle that you can use for your high beams.  Here’s a fun tip.  If you push the lever down, it will start flashing a light on the left side of your vehicle.  This is intended to let other drivers know you’re either making a left turn or changing one SINGLE lane to the left.  I know this is revolutionary technology, but it’s only helpful if you actually use it.  But guess what.  it gets better.  Nudge the little stick up and it will turn on the right turn signals letting people know you’re turning to the right.


Miami’s a lotta fun.  I mean who doesn’t love driving with a bunch of maniacs that all believe they’re in the right while they run you off the road and give you the middle finger salute?  But hey, we don’t have to go far to escape it all.

Take the Turnpike all the way till it merges to US-1.  And then keep on driving.  You’ll notice that once you hit Gilbert’s, you’re in paradise as you’ve just made it to Key Largo.  Get away.  Have fun.  And once you’re done, don’t worry.  The Miami maniacs are ready to welcome you back home.



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