1954 Packard Panther

Miami Beach’s favorite ragtop in the ‘50s


We hail the Packard Panther, (originally named the Grey Wolf II, after a Packard racer of 1903-04), was a muscle car before muscle was cool. Advanced design and production enabled the Panther to employ a one-piece body of molded fiberglass up to an inch thick. The brilliant styling was matched by the brute force beneath the graceful body. The original gangster ride.

Powered by Packard’s 359-cu.in. straight-eight powerplant, and boosted by an explosive McCulloch supercharger — the Panther delivered a total of 275 hp — outrageous power for the day. Racing was always in the Panther’s blood — it was later known as “Panther-Daytona” after exploits at the legendary racetrack.


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