Dangerous: Messi Misses Miami Car Accident after Running Red Light


Media reports are showing Lionel Messi’s Audi being driven through a red light, then narrowly missing a car in the intersection.  While it appears that Messi had a police escort courtesy of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, the police cruiser was behind Messi’s vehicle.  In other words, Messi’s Audi ran the red light before the police officer had properly secured the intersection for crossing.

The good news for Messi fans and South Florida drivers is that despite running the red light, the Audi did slow down and yielded (mid intersection) to the other vehicles that had the right of way.  So it was a close call, but fortunately no accident.

Nevertheless, it begs the question, why did the Audi run the red light in the first place.  Yes, the Audi had a police escort, but again, only the Police cruiser has the right and authority and the equipment to alert other drivers and to stop the traffic at an intersection.

While we’re all thrilled to have Messi in Miami, we’re not crazy of the driver running red lights ahead of the police.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in this experience.



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