Miami’s Top 5 Most Dangerous Intersections: New 2021 Survey

  "Miami's dubious distinction: fatalities due to traffic collisions are one of the highest in the nation." Miami's Top 5 most dangerous intersections 2021. Miami is a driver's paradise. Year-round top-down weather. A showplace for the world's...
The Steering: Car Shipping Made Easy

Miami Startup Introduces Autonomous Car Shipping Turned Into Reality

When people think of the future of transportation, the thing that comes to mind is the stuff of sci-fi novels; autonomous cars, trucks and Hyperloops. A lot of the news coverage focuses on the...

VIDEO: Wrong Way Driver on Miami Highway

Video captured by Miami drivers and shared to @OnlyInDade and @WSVN shows a pickup truck that was driving the wrong way on State Road 112 (Airport Expressway) during morning rush hour traffic on Monday,...

Bryan Avila, Manny Diaz fight to rid Palmetto of tolled lanes

Florida State Senator, Manny Diaz, Jr., and Florida State House Representative, Bryan Avlia, both filed bills in their respective houses that would remove the express lanes that were installed on the Palmetto / 826...

Report: Miami Has Great Drivers…We Don’t Buy It

A new report published by QuoteWizard has listed Miami as one of the best driving cities in America. This must be some kind of joke, right?  Miami??? According to the study, it ranks Miami as the...

Manny Diaz Jr. Wants Immediate Changes to Palmetto Express Lanes

In an interview with Univision 23, Florida State Senator, Manny Diaz, Jr. addressed the concerns the new Express Lanes along the Palmetto has created a traffic disaster along the Hialeah portion of the 826...
Palmetto Traffic Northbound in Hialeah

Palmetto Express Lanes Start Collecting Tolls

The Palmetto Expressway's new Express Lanes are collecting tolls, thus forcing more traffic to through the three free lanes that already can't handle the traffic. The "Crawlmetto" is a dumpster fire, not just during rush...

Study Ranks Miami 6th in the Nation for Traffic

According to a study published by Insurify Insights this month, Miami ranks 6th in the nation for traffic congestion.  Here are the stats from the study: Miami has a congestion level of 30% Average...

Palmetto Express Lane Tolls Start September 23

The Florida Department of Transportation will start collecting tolls in the Palmetto Express Lanes starting on Monday, September 23.

Palmetto Express Lanes Traffic Disaster

The new Hialeah Bypass Lanes, also known as the Palmetto Express Lanes are a disaster to the local traffic. Let's get straight to the problems: Traffic in the "regular lanes" is now far worse due...

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