Video: Boynton Beach ‘superheroes’ swoop in to stop runaway car!

Heroism on the road in Boynton Beach Cameras captured an amazing scene in Boynton Beach, Fla., we see some true-life heroes spring into action to prevent what could have been a tragic accident. According to reports,...

Finally! FDOT Fixes Freeway at 49th / NW 103rd Street

It only took two years for the FDOT to take one weekend and do what they should've done two years ago: Limit the Express Lanes on southbound Palmetto Expressway to a single lane and...

Palmetto Expressway Closures and Detours this Weekend

The FDOT, also known as the Florida Department of Traffic...oops...I mean Transportation, will be shutting down the Palmetto Expressway with extensive detours this weekend. This is part of an expansive project to fix a...

Two Killed In Horrendous Miami Crash: West Flagler and 49th

WPLG Miami reports two people were killed in a single car crash near the entrance of a Valero gas station at West Flagler and 48th Ave. Three others were hurt in the incident. The...

Top 5: Miami Ranks FIRST In These “Worst Driver” Categories

Miami’s 5 most inconsiderate, nasty and dangerous driving habits Notes on The Psychology of Bad Driving Travel to any city by car, drive around a while and you'll find that most major cities have bad...

Gunfire on The Florida Turnpike in Southwest Miami-Dade

Florida Highway Patrol responded to a shooting along the Florida Turnpike in Southwest Miami-Dade, Saturday evening, Jan. 21, in which at least two cars were struck by gunfire. Florida Highway Patrol units responded to...
Ocean Drive South Beach Miami Beach, Florida - Photo Credit

Ocean Drive to Reopen to Cars on South Beach

Ocean Drive is set to reopen to cars on January 24, 2022, after almost two years of being closed to vehicular traffic.  According to The Miami Herald, cars will only be allowed to head southbound...
Palmetto Southbound at 103 Street Hialeah Bypass

FINALLY: FDOT to Expand Southbound Palmetto at NW 103rd Street Bottleneck

The Palmetto (some like to call the crawlmetto) took a major step backwards when regular non-toll lanes were replaced with two express lanes.  That left the Palmetto with just three southbound lanes for local...

How Dangerous Are Miami Roadways? The Stats may surprise you.

Miami's Dangerous Roads Not surprisingly, there are more car accidents reported in Miami-Dade County than anywhere else in the state of Florida -- with Broward and Orange Counties normally reporting the next highest numbers. Covid-19...

Miami’s Top 5 Most Dangerous Intersections: New 2021 Survey

  "Miami's dubious distinction: fatalities due to traffic collisions are one of the highest in the nation." Miami's Top 5 most dangerous intersections 2021. Miami is a driver's paradise. Year-round top-down weather. A showplace for the world's...

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