1986 Toyota Master Ace Surf Grand Saloon 4WD 5-speed Van


Limerence Motor Co. is proud to present a unique nugget of 1980’s future-optimism unique to the booming Japanese economy of the time. This 1896 Toyota Master Ace Surf is a van unlike any van you would find in the United States, and this model is particularly well preserved. With an impeccable interior and excellent original paint, it was clear this van was loved through its nearly 200k kms (~123,000 miles) traveling the wilds of Japan prior to landing here in sunny Florida.

The drive train in this surprisingly sprightly van is a carry over from the same era of the Toyota Hilux Surf, right down to the torquey 2.0L 3Y-EU gasoline engine paired to a manual 5 speed and selectable transfer case. Needless to say, for any familiar with the Hilux family of indestructible trucks, this van will take you anywhere and everywhere you point it. All of this reliable componentry is tucked under the passenger seat, giving a unique driving experience to anyone who isn’t used to sitting forward of the front axles. Because of this and it’s short wheel base, this van is extremely maneuverable, equally capable parallel parking in a busy downtown, or crawling around a boulder on the trail.

Featuring a plush velvet interior in a warming and captivating chocolate brown, this interior shows extremely well. Once your done admiring the upholstery, however, you will find yourself frequently surprised by each new 1980’s gadget you pick up that this Grand Saloon model came equipped with. From a “Hot & Cool Box” that does exactly what is sounds like it does, to a true dual zone climate control, pop-up skylight roof panels, motorized blinds, swiveling captains chairs that turn into a bed, a 4 inch CRT TV… I could go on, but the adventure starts inside the van, no matter where you find yourself outside, and I’ll leave it to you to discover all it’s hidden features.

The van shows some minor signs of age, including minor paint bubbles in certain spots and an AC system that is intermittent. Much of the Japanese audio/visual technology is outdated or may not function with US media or get reception on US frequencies.

More pictures and information about this vehicle and all of the vehicles in our inventory can be found on our website: limerencemotors.com. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @limerencemotorco to kkeep up to date with all the cars we bring in.

Limerence Motor Co. presents:
– 1986 Toyota Master Ace Surf Grand Saloon
– YR30-0003394
– 199,400 km ~or~ 123,900 mi
– 2 Liter 3Y-EU Gasoline Fuel Injected Engine
– 5 Speed manual
– Selectable 4WD/2WD with Manual Locking front hubs (4wd, awd)
– van, camper, sleeper, offroad capable
– 4 New Tires
– Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)
– Right Hand Drive (RHD)
– Legally imported with Clean Florida title

DISCLAIMER: The vehicle was sourced from: https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/ctd/d/sarasota-1986-toyota-master-ace-surf/7642016121.html

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