“Black Triangle” UFO Photographed By Miami Driver!


Miami driver captures disturbing video footage of huge black UFO.

MAY, 2022, MIAMI, FL.  This black triangle UFO which is said to have been filmed by an eye witness in Miami, FL, while driving his car, in May 2022.

The YouTube video was posted by YouTuber UFO SECTION 51.  Our first question isn’t whether or not this is a UFO.  Our question is why are you filming looking up while driving on Miami streets?  “Oye!  Mira pa lante!”

‘Hold on!’ said one online commenter…“Does anyone else see the flashing FAA lights?? It’s another Blimp!”

What do you think?  Was it a blimp?  Was it a fake?  Was it an actual video?  Did the driver rear end the person in front of him?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.  Dale!


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