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Miami is growing up faster than the cocaine fueled ’80s.  Drugs aren’t the draw.  But something is happening.  We all see it.  It’s a combination of the COVID lockdowns, the Internet, the freedom to work from virtually anywhere, that has led many to rethink their lifestyle.  Let’s see…High taxes, cold winters, COVID lockdowns, vaccine mandates, or…or Florida’s low tax rates, pro-business environment, beautiful weather, and room to drive and park a car in my own driveway.  Yeah, COVID has only accelerated the shift from the northeast with a tremendous influx of high-rollers saying goodbye to high tax states like New York and hello to Sunny South Florida.

Welcome to Miami…

Wait a second.  That’s all great and good, but what the heck does that have to do with Miami becoming an automotive Mecca?

Okay…Okay…I’ll get to that.  But let’s start with some history.  In the ’70s, Miami was a sleepy town.  It was the ’80s that put Miami in the spotlight.  Yeah, we had the Cocaine Cowboys and the drug money, but it was Miami Vice that promoted that Miami car culture across the world.  Miami Vice was so influential, the folks at Ferrari intervened after seeing that kit-car Corvette wannabe Ferrari Daytona Spyder taking the spotlight and shipped over a replacement white Ferrari Testarossa.  In return the show producers famously blew up the knock off Ferrari.

Growing up in Miami in the ’80s, it was a real rare treat to see an exotic on the road.  Lamborghinis were incredibly rare to see on the road.  You might see a few Ferraris.  Porsches were seen more frequently.  The 911 was ever present and we loved the V8 928.  Of course our walls were plastered with posters of all our favorite cars.

However, there was one ’80s era supercar that I was particularly fond of for its ultra cool looks and incredibly advanced engineering.  That was the Porsche 959.  You see, the 959 was way ahead of its time.  It didn’t use a 12 cylinder engine.  It had 50% less cylinders than the Testarossa of the time.  What it did have was incredible engineering including a first of its kind computer controlled all wheel drive setup.  Sure.  That’s common to see in hypercars today, but this was back in the ’80s.  Oh, and did I mention this 6 cylinder engine produced more horsepower than the Italian Testarossa of Miami Vice fame?

Porsche 959The Porsche 959 is a technological masterpiece.  It set the standard for what the future of high end performance cars would become.  And according to an article recently published by CarScoops, Porsche only made 292 of these bad boys between the years 1986 and 1993.

Okay.  Again.  That’s great.  But what the heck does that have to do with Miami becoming an automotive Mecca?

Well, you see in the same article I referenced above, it highlights how one Miami Car Dealership has already sold (4) four of these beauties just this year.  Oh.  And they’re prepping to sell a fifth.

The dealership we’re talking about is Curated.  We recently featured Curated in a November article you can click on below.

VIDEO: Curated Miami Showroom Walkthrough

Below is the 1987 Porsche 959 Komfort with just 3,800 miles that arrived in Miami.  The folks at Curated announced a pending sale.  Ironically,  they say they “don’t specialize in Porsche examples.”  However, they “are honored to have sold 4 Porsche 959 examples this year.”  They added: “The 959 has slowly evolved from ground breaking 1980s automotive technology, into the purest form of modern automotive Art.


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Curated specializes in vintage SuperCars. And where are they located?

Oh. That’s right. In the Mecca for SuperCars. Right in the heart of Miami: 2100 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137.

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  1. In Dade County, who has, or where is my previously owned 1954 Facel Comete? (also known as Ford Comete). I’d like to purchase it back.
    Comete is pronounced Co meet, I am not describing a Comet.


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