NBC News Covers Hi-Tech Miami Car Thieves


Car thieves have updated their suspicious ways into a more, let’s say… Groundbreaking and innovative method.  Remember when window breaking, hot-wiring or gunpoint and intimidation tactics were a thing? These thieves sure don’t!

The days of the old are prehistoric compared to what they use now.  Home CCTV footage shows this pesky duo in action. The thief in the red hoodie can be seen making use of a mystery box.  At first glance it seems like there’s a whole lot going on but the tech behind the devices used are pretty straight forward.

AWS Insurance identifies this as a Two Part System.

To make things less complicated, the box intercepts the signal from your keyless fob inside your home (or anywhere else the signal can be reached)  The box then transmits that signal to another device to unlock your car.  It is literally as simple as trying to get a wi-fi signal.

Lucky for older car models, this method would only work for push button/ keyless ignition vehicles.

How are they getting a hold of this technology in the first place?

This Two Part System Device isn’t exactly mass produced and on the market, readily available for sale.  However… The parts for it definitely are.  They are all from functioning devices like routers, wireless signal repeaters or extenders which are then tinkered, repurposed and reprogrammed to do other things i.e. duplicating your key signal to steal your cars!

Don’t worry, all hope is not lost.  You can simply block the signal coming from your key fob by using signal blockers available online or like how the video states; using a “tin can“.

Who knew that you can stop car thieves and recycle at the same time?





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