WSVN Captures Cross County Carjacker Chase


WSVN Helicopter footage captures a police chase that initially took place in Broward County all the way down to the streets of North-West Miami Dade. Reports state that the suspect was involved in an armed robbery.


The vehicle in question can be seen ignoring road safety, swerving lanes and recklessly driving in the wrong direction, risking his life and the innocent citizens he drove by. Luckily no one was hurt.

The chase carried on even as the traffic got heavier. The suspect drove through tighter corners and went around in circles, trying his best to shake off the heat but thanks to the persistence of the police officers the suspect was facing an inevitable end. Eventually the suspect bailed from the vehicle and went on foot and was ultimately apprehended near the train tracks on 135th Street not far from the Opa-Locka Airport.

No further information is available on how this all began but one thing was sure,  the suspect was armed and dangerous.


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