NEW: 2020 Jeep Gladiator — Miami’s New Favorite Truck


We live in Miami…Home for fun and sun 365 days a year.  Work hard.   Play harder.

Work Hard

Working hard means commuting daily in Miami Traffic.  Take the kids to school.  Carry the work supplies from Home Depot.  Go off road.  Heck, pull the guy with a wannabe 4×4 out of some weeds near the Everglades.  This bad boy is a tough truck ready to get work done.

Play Harder

We have to work for a living, but we love to play on the weekends.  Well, the Gladiator lets you play harder.


Let’s start off with an easy to use convertible top.  Where else can you find a four door convertible that sits a family of five?  Whether driving to South Beach or down to the keys, there’s nothing like enjoying the great weather Miami has to offer with a convertible.


Yeah, you can tow a work trailer and many of you will.  But towing your boat or jet skis is going to be a lot more fun.  Dale!


We’d love to get your thoughts on the new Gladiator.  Would you buy or lease one?  Let us know in the comments.






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