Palmetto Express Lanes Start Collecting Tolls


The Palmetto Expressway’s new Express Lanes are collecting tolls, thus forcing more traffic to through the three free lanes that already can’t handle the traffic.

The “Crawlmetto” is a dumpster fire, not just during rush hour, but even during the early afternoon, the Palmetto is a wasteful drive.  Speeds are no where near 55mph thus costing residents and businesses countless extra hours, additional fuel, and money to pay for employees that are just sitting in traffic.  Furthermore, if we want to be an eco-friendly world, stop and go traffic on the “Crawlmetto” is horrible for our environment.

In our opinion, the FDOT has failed users of the Palmetto Expressway, especially those who either cannot afford the express lanes, or simply cannot use it because their is no accessible entry point or exit point that meets their needs.


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