BMW Motorrad with award-winning brand room.


Munich. The Brand & Customer Institute at the BMW
Welt in Munich is unique in the automotive industry. Here, employees
and selected partners alike are given the opportunity to immerse
themselves in the brands of the BMW Group. In addition to BMW, MINI
and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, BMW Motorrad has also had its own brand
room at the BMW Group Brand & Customer Institute since January 2022.

Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design and iF DESIGN
AWARD Brand Architecture.

The BMW Motorrad brand room was recognised as “Brand Architecture” in
the category “Spatial Communication” in the Red Dot Award: Brands
& Communication Design already last year. The renowned design
award “Red Dot Design Award” has been inviting participation since
1954. Its trademark, the red dot, is known internationally as a seal
of quality and has also established itself in the “Communication
Design” category since the 1990s.

Another significant acknowledgement now follows with the iF DESIGN
AWARD: a globally recognised trademark for excellent design since 1954
and is among the world’s leading design awards. BMW Motorrad was able
to impress the 133-strong, independent and international jury of
experts for this annually presented award, meaning that the BMW
Motorrad brand room has now received two of the most globally renowned
design distinctions.

The challenge in designing the BMW Motorrad brand room was to
translate the captivating brand spirit into an interactive brand space
on a surface area of 38 square metres within the existing premises.
The result was an interplay on several levels: the emotional
experience of the brand for participants is merged with architectural
design and an emotionally conceived brand training programme.

In order to achieve this combination, a holistic and multi-sensory
interior design was developed that integrates structural features such
as the building’s iconic glass facade into the architectural concept.

At the same time, it provides optimum support for interactive
experience in the space by means of unique, additional elements in the
hallmark style of the brand: an architectural and conceptual challenge
that was mastered in exemplary fashion and won both the iF DESIGN
AWARD Brand Architecture – Interior Design and Red Dot Award: Brands
& Communication Design.

Stephan Reiff, Vice President, Customer, Brand, Sales: “Our BMW
Motorrad brand room makes it possible to continuously train employees
and partners, spread the brand spirit throughout the entire
organisation and inform BMW Group employees about the BMW Motorrad
brand strategy. We’re thrilled that our brand room has won two major
awards within a short space of time and we see it as a great
confirmation of our concept.”

The BMW Motorrad brand room: experience the brand.

The BMW Group and its brands move people in the best possible way.
Accordingly, BMW Motorrad anticipates customer needs and business
challenges – always in search of the best overall solution. For
personal experiences – individual and distinctive. In order to support
this, the brand rooms at the BMW Group Brand & Customer Institute
offer fascinating brand access points that give visitors insights into
the thematic focus areas of the brands.

In the BMW Motorrad brand room, managers, employees and selected
partners get to know the BMW Motorrad brand and its facets. In one-day
BMW Group Brand Mover training sessions, participants learn in an
engaging way how the BMW Motorrad brand works and what makes it
special. The brand promise itself – ‘Make Life a Ride’ – conveys an
active lifestyle and an experience-oriented attitude that inspires and
unites all fans and customers.

The BMW Motorrad brand room emerged from a holistic experiential
concept – a stimulating and multi-sensory space with an architecture
that authentically reflects the BMW Motorrad brand, but without
imposing itself. Instead, visitors explore the brand and its world of
experience by way of hands-on discovery. Without showing BMW
motorbikes, the brand is staged by means of typical objects from the
lives of motorcyclists in a way that arouses curiosity and encourages exploration.

Elements such as sound and light are perfectly matched with the
spatial impression and training phases. At the centre of the room, the
campfire created from fibre-optic panels in the form of a light
sculpture symbolises the motorcyclist get-together – as a place for
dialogue and communication and as a symbol of the connection with
customers and fans through the BMW Motorrad brand.

Appropriate acoustic and visual stimuli, atmospheric illumination of
the light sculpture and the selected natural materials used for the
furniture ensure an authentic atmosphere that conveys the outdoors and
first-hand experience. Framed by three ceiling high multi-shelves with
customer specific thematic focal points, the result is an experiential
space that memorably depicts all facets of the BMW Motorrad brand and
arouses emotions and creativity in visitors.

BMW Motorrad Brand Mover Training: Thinking off, Instincts on.

It has been possible to experience the BMW Motorrad brand alongside
the other brands of the Group in the BMW Motorrad brand room at the
BMW Welt in Munich since January 2022. The Brand Mover Training held
there involves participants learning more about the BMW Motorrad brand
and its customer types in an interactive and captivating way. This
happens not just visually but by tapping into all the senses – by
smelling, hearing, feeling and touching. Entirely according to the
motto: thinking off, instincts on.

You will find press material on BMW motorcycles and BMW Motorrad
rider equipment in the BMW Group PressClub at

In case of queries please contact:

Sarah Bauer, Corporate, Product and Innovation Communications

Tel.: +49-151-601-94180,

Tim Diehl-Thiele, Head of Communications BMW Motorrad

Telephone: +49-151-601-57505,

Jens Lemon, Head of Communications MINI and BMW Motorrad

Telephone: +49-151-601-23635,



The BMW Group

With its four brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, the BMW
Group is the world’s leading premium manufacturer of automobiles and
motorcycles and also provides premium financial and mobility services.
The BMW Group production network comprises over 30 production sites
worldwide; the company has a global sales network in more than 140 countries.

In 2022, the BMW Group sold nearly 2.4 million passenger vehicles and
more than 202,000 motorcycles worldwide. The profit before tax in the
financial year 2021 was € 16.1 billion on revenues amounting to €
111.2 billion. As of 31 December 2021, the BMW Group had a workforce
of 118,909 employees.

The success of the BMW Group has always been based on long-term
thinking and responsible action. The company set the course for the
future at an early stage and consistently makes sustainability and
efficient resource management central to its strategic direction, from
the supply chain through production to the end of the use phase of all products.







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