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Subscribe to Toyota Untold and get an insider’s take on all of the “cool stuff happening at the company”

If you sell or service Toyota vehicles for a living, odds are you’re a bit of a Toyota news junkie. But how can you profess to know everything about the company and its products if you’ve never listened to Toyota Untold?
As its name implies, this twice-a-month podcast — launched by Toyota Motor North America a year ago — tells interesting stories you otherwise may have missed.
“It’s a behind-the-scenes take that’s meant to be fun, conversational and authentic,” says Eric Booth, senior manager of external communications. “There was all of this cool stuff happening at the company and it turned out a podcast was the perfect way to share it.”
For example, in one episode, the podcast hosts conducted an in-depth interview with Gill Pratt, who heads up the Toyota Research Institute and its pioneering work on artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles. More recently, Toyota Untold asked Toyota-sponsored Olympic and Paralympic athletes: “How do you start your impossible?”
In short, it’s a steady stream of lively conversations with fascinating people about what makes Toyota so special.
To join in, iPhone users can go to iTunes, search for Toyota Untold and subscribe. It’s also available on Spotify.
Oh, and while you’re at it, be sure to invite your customers to tune in as well.
“This is a great way to help keep Toyota top of mind,” says Booth. “In the end, it’s all about getting our stories and our message out there.”


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