VIDEO: Miami Midnight Run Featuring High Powered Euro Exotics


The YouTube Channel GV Aspirated posted this great video sharing an insane Miami midnight run featuring incredibly beautiful European cars including a gorgeous AMG GTR.  According to the commentary posted with the video, every single car featured had a minimum of 500 horsepower.  Whoa baby!

NOTE:  It is illegal to race on public roads.  We love to see these exotic car gatherings and parades.  And let’s be honest, nobody who owns a super exotic will drive below the speed limit all the time.  However, we can’t condone illegal street racing.

Now, that being said, we were pleased to see the video showing speeding was not with other vehicles on the road.  In other words, while we don’t condone speeding, it’s obvious they are being considerate and not risking other people’s lives.

That said, wear your seat belts and always obey the traffic laws boys and girls.



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