Ford GT Elicits Reactions on South Beach


YouTuber Shmee150 takes his gorgeous Ford GT down Ocean Drive on South Beach for some uniquely Miami reactions.

Here’s Tim’s comments on YouTube:

How do people react to a Ford GT in Miami?

Let’s head to South Beach to find out! Not only did we happen upon a Bugatti Veyron but the response was overwhelmingly positive as we made our way around town. Come along for an evening of supercars and fun reactions!

With the evening falling, and my GT over from the UK to the USA, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to cruise around and get a feel for people’s reactions to the car. Heading directly to Ocean Beach, the home of nightlife and also Will Smith’s Welcome to Miami, it doesn’t take long to be spotted by some of you guys as well as seeing how people get involved. The most amazing thing is the sheer positivity that is brought about by a car like this with smiles, thumbs up, applause, and plenty of photos.

The Florida stop of my tour is proving exceptionally busy and there’s a lot more to come from this amazing place!

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