Shmee Shipping Shelby GT 500 from Miami to UK


We love following Shmee150 and his adventures in Miami.  Unfortunately, he’s shipping his glorious Shelby GT500 from Miami to the UK.

Here’s what Shmee posted on his YouTube account:

“The time has arrived for my Shelby GT500 to go home! After owning the American Shmeemobile for 18 months, it is now the right moment to pack it up to send it to the UK and onwards to @The Shmuseum! Join me for the last drive in the USA and to send it on the way.

I tracked down my beastly Mustang on Auto Tempest at the start of 2021, took delivery of it at Ikonick Motors, then promptly installed SunTek Reaction PPF and fitted the Altered Black PPF stripes. It didn’t take long to get on the road, before a 6 week adventure across the country all the way to LA with countless amazing stops and moments along the way. Since then, it has been based in Miami and popped up from time to time for various journeys, until this last month with the stops around New York before @Gumball 3000 brought us all the way back from Toronto to Miami.

Now though, with over 12,000 miles on the clock it is time to get it home at long last, to get the car dropped off for transport and all the registration with MyCarImport to get it onto UK soil and officially registered as SH67 MEE. For now that means cleaning it and preparing it for travel, with a few items boxed up including the spare wheels, and some other items to go through in due course.

However, before that, let’s visit DuPontRegistry’s new customer supercar experience for a soft preview of things to come and a look at some fantastic cars. The display includes a Lamborghini Sian Roadster, Essenza SC V12, a Porsche Carrera GT in Ferrari’s Rosso Fuoco paint, an Aventador SVJ paint matched to the red sole of a Louboutin shoe, and plenty more.

It’s then time for the road, and the very final drive in the USA, ensuring that the car is out of gas and ready for the sailing which will take 1-2 months to get to the UK, before the import process begins which in all will take about the same. I believe it should be ‘good to go’ somewhere around September, but let’s see!”

Again, we hate to see Shmee go, but we look forward to his return to Miami and curious to see what car he’ll be driving on his next visit to Miami.

Safe journeys Shmee!



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