Freedom of Mobility Forum Publishes Key Takeaways from Inaugural Live Debate

  • Mobility, decarbonization, global objectives emerge as headline topics
  • International panel expressed opinions on the environmental, social and financial impacts of providing accessible, safe, and sustainable freedom of mobility

AMSTERDAM – The Freedom of Mobility Forum, initiated by Stellantis and facilitated by Wavestone as a neutral third party, has published key takeaways from the inaugural live digital debate on the topic, “In a decarbonized world, will freedom of mobility be affordable to a happy few only?”

A summary of the key takeaways is available on the Freedom of Mobility Forum website where the replay is also accessible. Stakeholders can use the takeaways to leverage dialogue in their respective domains. Going forward, the platform will serve as a source of information and curated content related to the “Topic of the Year” in between annual editions of the Forum.

The lively two-hour debate on March 29 featured a range of insights on mobility, decarbonization and objectives from the international group of six panelists, providing diverse perspectives from various regions around the world.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares, a co-chair of the Freedom of Mobility Forum Advisory Board and debate panelist representing the business community, said the diversity of opinions on mobility and collaborative spirit from the debate panelists is a reason to be optimistic for the future.

Tavares shared thoughts on his experience in the debate in a video post.


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